How To Find Comfort In Bed With On Going Neck Pain

    A lot of people suffer with pains during the night, but none can be as troublesome as the ones in your neck. When your neck hurts, you’ll struggle to move and find it impossible to get to sleep. But there are things you can do to improve them, and they are all things you can do in the bedroom. So, keep reading and discover how you can find comfort in bed even with on going neck pain. 

    Update Your Pillow

    One of the best things you can do for your neck pain is to update your pillow. Start by taking a look at the best pillow for neck pain online and see if it would benefit you. Neck pillows are designed with support in mind, and they can really help alleviate your neck pain as soon as you use them. A good neck pillow will be quite thin, but not too flat, and still offer cushioning where you need it the most. A lot of neck pain actually comes from the spine being incorrectly aligned, so having a pillow that supports your back as well as your neck can help massively. You could also try a cervical pillow. These are great at supporting your neck while you sleep as it keeps your back in a neutral position all night. So, if your neck hurts, the first thing you should check is your pillow. You’ll be surprised at how inefficient it really is! 

    Change Your Position

    Most people sleep on their side, and this position is said to be the best for your neck. This is because it keeps your head neutral and stops your spine from having too much pressure put on it. However, not all people sleep like this, and it could be the cause of your neck pain if you don’t. Some people sleep on their front, which can be terrible for your neck. When you sleep in this position, you force your neck to be tilted upwards all night, putting strain on it for hours. So, if you sleep on your front, try rolling onto your side, and you should feel the difference it makes to your neck pain. If you sleep on your back, you need to make sure that you have a supportive mattress and pillow so that your neck and spine are aligned all night. It might also help to place a pillow behind your knees to help stop your hips from dipping too low as well. Whichever position you sleep in, there’s a chance that you’ll cause neck strain. But if you make sure that you’ve got a good mattress and pillow, you can minimise that risk. 

    Check Your Mattress 

    Over time, mattresses will start to dip and get lumps in them. This is pretty unavoidable, as wear and tear are a natural part of their longevity. These lumps and bumps can cause neck pain if ignored as it’s a sign that your mattress needs replacing. You want to do your best to try and have a fully supportive mattress at all times, so you need to be checking it every few months. You also want to ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when caring for it as well, because this will increase it’s lifespan for you. When you take good care of a well made mattress, you should notice a decline in your neck pain and hopefully prevent it from getting any worse.

    Neck pain is something that a lot of people struggle with on a daily basis, and it can be even worse at night. However, this can sometimes be rectified and alleviated through a few simple measures. Changing your pillow to a better one, moving the position you sleep in, and making sure your mattress is supportive are some of the best ways to soothe neck pain. So, if you want to feel comfortable in bed again, be sure to take these tips on board. Hopefully your neck pain will become a thing of the past! 

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