Rockstar admits to be cyber attacked, source code of “GTA 6” leaked

    On September 18, someone shared a link to a file on the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) forum GTAForums, claiming to be 90 game videos stolen from well-known game developer Rockstar Games. The videos appear to have been created by the developers to debug various features in the game, and some of the videos also include spoken dialogue between the protagonist and other NPCs.

    Forum members were initially unconvinced that the hacker alleged by the poster was real, and the poster then claimed he was behind the recent cyberattack on Uber and gave the source of GTA 5 and GTA 6 Code screenshots as evidence.

    On Monday morning, GTA developer Rockstar Games confirmed that they had indeed suffered a cyber intrusion, with unauthorized third parties illegally accessing and downloading confidential information from its systems, including early development footage of the next-gen GTA. Rockstar claimed that they were doing data disaster recovery these days.

    According to the hacker, it has stolen the source code of “GTA 5” and “GTA 6” and the “GTA 6” beta version, and is trying to blackmail Rockstar Games with this. The hacker said they accepted offers of over $10,000 for the source code of GTA 5, but have no plans to sell the source code of GTA 6 at this time.

    During this time, the leaked video has gone viral on YouTube, Twitter and Reddit, and Take-Two Interactive (the parent company of Rockstar Games) has also sent take-down notices to various sites about the video and its links. These takedown requests side-check the authenticity of the leaked GTA 6 video.

    Attackers and others have since leaked stolen GTA 6 videos and parts of the source code on Telegram. Most recently, attackers leaked a GTA 6 source code file that is 9,500 lines long and appears to be related to scripts that perform various in-game actions.

    The hackers have so far shared no details on how they obtained the GTA 6 video and source code, only revealing that it was stolen from Rockstar’s Slack and Confluence servers.

    Rockstar said in an official statement that the leak will not affect the expected development of the game, and the development of related games will continue as planned.

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