Craigslist Vancouver Top Ten Most Peculiar items now available for purchase.

    Craigslist Vancouver is home to various peculiar items, including a genuine beaver skull, a Tony Montana sticker, and a collection of eerie dolls.

    On Craigslist Vancouver, there is never a shortage of unusual things to look at, and the items that are now available are not an exception to this rule.

    Look at some of the unusual items now up for sale in the Lower Mainland.

    The Decorative Beaver Skull Is One of Craigslist Vancouver Top Picks

    Craigslist Vancouver

    The individual selling this genuine beaver skull on Craigslist describes it as “really good shape” and exhibiting “extremely nice cleanliness.” And all of this may be yours for just $55 or the best offer you can make.

    3D Conquistador Picture on Craigslist Vancouver

    Craigslist Vancouver

    The seller is promoting their store, Antique Alley, in New Westminster, which they claim is “The Friendliest & Best Antique Store in Canada!” Even though it is an odd thing to scroll past the adverts page, the seller intends to promote their store of Craigslist Vancouver.

    You may purchase this Conquistador for $150, which is in good condition. However, if you can visit the shop, you will find other additional antiques for you to go at Craigslist Vancouver.

    Figurines made in porcelain by Wade: Craigslist Vancouver

    Craigslist Vancouver

    You would believe that the price of this little porcelain doll is too high; nonetheless, a fast check on Etsy reveals that numerous people sell the collectible for approximately $70.

    Craigslist Vancouver: Embossed Python Pattern on a Ladies Leather Coat

    Craigslist Vancouver

    This is one strategy you can use to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Even while the vendor claims that it is the “latest fashion,” there is some debate as to whether or not this is true; however, we will let you decide for yourself.

    This trench coat is available in sizes M/L, equivalent to a 10/12. The back is pleated, so there is room for some major sashaying, which is great if you want to go around the city like a celebrity while wearing it. They demanded $325.00 o.b.o. although the retail price was $1,100.00.

    Craigslist Vancouver: Set of Six Matryoshka or Russian Dolls Depicting Famous People (Made in Russia)

    Craigslist Vancouver

    Do you recognize every one of these people? These Russian dolls are cool to look at, regardless of whether or not you believe in them. You can have these for just $100 if you’re interested.

    Portable hair dryer in pink with a vintage Brother Mademoiselle 1111 logo on it

    There’s a good chance you have a Brother typewriter, but did you know that the firm also manufactured hair dryers? This adorable one in pink and brown is a fantastic “last-minute gift for a cheeky hair stylist,” as the vendor says on the listing. It is a nifty pink and brown one. It is in pristine shape and “works on both cool and hot settings,” as stated in the advertisement. “It works on both cool and hot settings.” The price that is being asked is $30.

    Autographed and signed 8×10 photographs of five different Playboy models.

    Craigslist Vancouver

    The vendor emphasizes that the photographs are in pristine shape and are glossy 8×10 photographs that have been personally signed and inscribed by the subject. You can have all five of these for a price of $100.

    Scarface The name Tony Montana Wall Sticker of Craigslist Vancouver.

    This Stephen Feswick Scarface Tony Montana wall decal can be yours for only $15 if you’ve been hankering after the opportunity to gaze upon Tony Montana daily.

    Over 150 wax crayons

    Craigslist Vancouver

    For the cheap sum of $3, you may have a bag of previously used crayons from home free of smoking and animals. Unfortunately, the colorful goods won’t be delivered by this vendor.

    A multitude of dolls

    Craigslist Vancouver

    Even though they are intended for play by children, dolls can sometimes be quite unsettling. Although some of these dolls with wide-set eyes appear peculiar, you can have all 13 of them for the low price of thirty dollars if you like them.

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