A Quick Guide to Hazchem Spill Kits

    Chemicals are everywhere in Australian businesses. It’s hard to find a company that doesn’t at least use widespread cleaning chemicals. When you think about how prevalent chemicals are, it’s no surprise that chemical spills need to be prevented to protect workers and the environment and reduce unproductive time if something dangerous does occur. 

    But do you know how to correctly use Hazchem spill kits? If not, let’s find out! 

    Managing & Placing Kits Correctly

    When a workplace has the appropriate type of spill kit in the right place, it allows you to prevent many workplace accidents. But to do this correctly you need to know what risks are on hand and this takes a risk assessment. This assessment tells you what safety needs you to have and where this safety equipment has to be placed. In terms of Hazchem spill kits, this will tell you how many kits you need, where they go and what size you need. 

    Training to use Hazchem Spill Kits

    If your workers don’t know where the spill kits are, or how to use them, they aren’t being used properly. This can lead to accidents and a lack of compliance, so employee training becomes vital when using a chemical spill kit. Not only do employees have to know where the spill kit is, but they should also know how it’s used and how to safely wear the PPE (personal protective equipment) and dispose of absorbents. 

    To get started, these are the steps workers need to know about when using a spill kit. 

    1.     Assess the spill.

    2.     Contain the spill immediately.

    3.     Use appropriate PPE.

    4.     Clean the spill using the provided absorbent materials in the kit.

    5.     Dispose of the used absorbents into disposable bags on the kit. 

    6.     Report the spill and fill out any incident reports as needed.

    7.     Restock the spill kit. 

    Setting up Hazchem Checklists

    Something else that is often forgotten is that spill kits (like most safety equipment) need regular maintenance, so a checklist is needed. This is what keeps you compliant and makes sure that spill kits are always ready to be used, and that anything used or worn has been replaced. This, however, can be a lot of work, so let’s look at who can lend you a hand. 

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    Spill Station Has the Solution

    No matter how big or how small your safety needs are, can help. Their team of experts are on hand to help you understand the specifications of the chemical spill kit you need, and they can even help you fulfil your order and keep everything well maintained. All you need to do is say hello!

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