8 Equipment You Need To Start Your Own Gym

    Opening a new gym can be extremely overwhelming. You need to take care of many things like paperwork, gym interiors, etc., and of course, the equipment. Equipment is the core of any gym, and you may not want to cut slack on that. So, this is where you must begin from.

    1. Free weights

    Free weights consist of dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, weight plates, benches, workout racks, bars, storage racks, etc. Mostly, people need free weights to build core and indulge in interval training and strength training.

    More options in free weights will attract more people to your gym, so make sure you keep a few of each kind. Further, potential members will also be more confident to know that your gym can meet all workout needs. If you don’t know where to begin your shopping spree, you must check out Lifespan Fitness. They are the best in business and offer 12-month warranty.

    2. Treadmill

    A treadmill is a must-have piece of equipment in a gym. It is widely popular among Gym freaks for cardiovascular training. While buying treadmills, make sure it has digital monitors to track progress and show stats like distance, burned calories, heart rate, and time, and have inbuilt workout programs to make workouts fun and challenging.

    Commercial treadmills are the most sought-after for gyms. However, if you don’t have the budget for them, try machines with a virtual track. You can also add other features to the treadmill, but that will again call for additional investment.

    Don’t forget to keep a low-impact treadmill for senior members. A casual treadmill can cause knee problems for older people.

    3. Cross trainer

    Cross trainer improves heart and lung health. Every machine has an easy-to-read display, heart rate sensors on handlebars, a user-friendly console, and stride length adjustment. When invested in a good cross trainer, it also helps maintain the overall health of your body.

    So, make sure you don’t choose a noisy cross trainer. Instead, look for low-maintenance and high-quality ones.

    4. Rowing Machine

    Rowing Machine focuses on the head-to-toe workout. It is proven that this machine indulges 80 muscles into working and engages the body’s legs, toe, and the upper portion. Not only that, it assists you in burning calories, and you can also do some low-impact cardio with it.

    It is best for people who are suffering from joint injuries. Further, some gyms also conduct boot camps and small training classes to create a group of rowers.

    Since it is extremely rare to find, you can make it exclusive for a specific set of members and charge extra for it.

    5. Stationary bicycle

    A bicycle is an absolute must in every gym. Bikes will help your members enhance the strength of lower body parts. It also helps improve joint mobility and boosts the heart rate and overall stamina.

    6. Stability balls

    These balls are also known as Swiss balls, Pilates balls, or Exercise balls and help people improve balance and stability. People use it in many ways like stretching, mobility movements, etc.

    If you are thinking about offering group fitness classes in your gym, stability balls can be a great choice for you. However, in case you are planning to purchase more than two balls, make sure your gym has enough space to store them.

    7. Battle ropes

    People love to overcome challenges and give their 100% to them. Battle ropes are the best tool to provide them with this kind of experience. You can use it for slams, jumping jacks, burpees, Russian twists, etc.

    8. Resistance Bands

    Resistance bands can be great workout equipment to activate muscles and joints. For example, the gym members can do shoulder warm-ups and chest openings with the help of these bands. Further, they are also adjustable and allow people to select different levels based on their preferred intensity for workouts.

    9. Suspension Trainers

    Suspension Trainers make every muscle in the bodywork and are very effective for the core. It is also excellent equipment for older adults and has shown great results.

    Over to you…

    This was a beginner list; you can keep adding more equipment as you progress. But, initially, don’t invest money in machines that aren’t as productive and try to maximize the available funds.

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