5 Examples Of Seductive Branding

    Seductive Branding brings back customers to the store again and again for buying brand items, adds profits to accounts plus gives you a chance to face other competitors comfortably. It is crucial for all types of products such as clothes, foods, accessories, home appliances, cosmetics, etc because it makes everyday items elegant and special. For example, if we talk about food items such as beef jerky when fatty beef jerky and thin beef jerky are brought to the stores with the tag of some renowned brand then they become excellent, achieve the title of best beef jerky and become hit instantly because brand connects customers with them and provide promotion that further encourages customers to purchase them. So it has been proved that for getting visibility in the crowd of businesses branding is a must.

    What is seductive branding?

    Seductive branding is a process in which various passionate images, logos, materials, and characters are shown through ads or printed on high-class products to engage customers and especially to capture their attention for items. It is adopted to make products famous all over the world plus to stand firm among other rivals and popular brands.

    5 examples of seductive branding;

    Promoting a company’s brands and services using creative ideas and the latest technologies is not a new trend.No doubt that ideas change with time but keep in mind that different thoughts and designs appeal to others. Now companies rely on provoking branding and commercials to gather more money and particularly to become strong financially. Here are some examples of seductive branding.


    Nissan is a Japanese-based motor company that provides fantastic vehicles. They use bold designs but they indeed work while remaining within some limits. Their designs are sensuous but also creative and attractive, Their branding campaign is not for those who want to see some traditional things. Their priority is to provoke customers and drag them to the company for buying vehicles. They hire pretty female models and add them in commercials with cars to fascinate people.

    2-Tom Ford’s Clothing;

    Tom Ford’s Clothing is a kind of fashion house that launched in 2005 and deals in cosmetics, footwear, ready-to-wear dresses, etc. Their products are according to the latest fashions plus are seductive and are easily obtainable online stores. They focus on providing quality products for customers and never compromise on quality. Hot male and female models can be seen in their commercials while wearing and ironing their branded clothes and sometimes taking sunbaths which annoys many customers.

    3-Carl’s Junior;

    Carl’s Junior founded in 1941 is an American fast food chain that is recognized for its tasty burgers. They are supplying their services in many countries with complete trust. Their ads for promotion mostly consist of charming female models and celebrities wearing short clothes. They also utilize photos of glamorous women in various seductive poses while holding burgers and sometimes eating them. But they have claimed to change their policy from sexy to funny advertisements.

    4-American Apparel;

    It is a clothing manufacturing company that deals in shirts, pants, hoodies, etc. It is identified for its provocative advertisements. They also contact lovely models for their ads. People criticize them for shooting sexy poses and styles of models for products. Their item’s quality is good and customers are satisfied with it but they complain about their services plus do not admire their tempting promotion campaign. Due to scandals and controversies it was closed but now it has been re-opened and is trying to improve its image.


    Axe is a brand associated with men’s products such as body sprays, body gels, perfumes, etc. Their vision is to offer such items that feel good and incite emotions. Axe desires to appeal to all young men. They include male and female models in ads to show that women are attracted to men due to using Axe products, are inspired by the fragrance of Axe too much, and can’t stop their emotions. They have become popular but people complain about their seductive ads that can’t be seen while sitting with family.

    Briefly, There are many examples of seductive branding but the truth is that people do not appreciate it that’s why companies are changing their provoking advertisements.

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