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    A delivery route business essentially takes up a franchise of an already established brand to own, operate, and deliver in one of its existing routes. Business routes usually follow established stops or accounts. You have two choices when it comes to delivery routes—protected or independent. A protected route includes either a geographic location or protected stops (e.g., specific addresses instead of an area or region). Delivery routes can be highly profitable businesses that provide stable yet passive income to the business owner.

    FedEx Routes:

    A FedEx route is a FedEx delivery route offered by FedEx to independent businesses. The FedEx routes for sale business have outstanding profit potential. Profit margins run between 10%-45% of gross revenue. FedEx Home Delivery Routes serve residential areas and generally operate Tuesday through Saturday. A FedEx Home Delivery Route will typically deliver online orders and personal deliveries. FedEx Ground Routes serve commercial accounts and generally operate Monday through Friday. A FedEx Ground Route might service local businesses, hospitals, schools, etc. Unlike Home Delivery, Ground operators must also account for customer pick-ups during specific pick-up windows.

    Snapple Routes:

    Apple Beverages are much in demand, and a great way to earn is by investing in Snapple routes. Snapple reaches the consumers through the company’s distribution network, third-party distributors, and direct delivery to customers’ warehouses. Buying Snapple routes for sale is a very profitable business as you earn money per case sold, each route is different depending on the number of customers you have and also the type of customers. In most instances, you are not only buying the route, with an established book of business, but you also purchase the equipment needed to do the work. This means you have income generating from day one.

    Schumann’s Routes:

    Thumanns distribution business is a great investment, and a great business if you are looking for a steady income and are passionate about the product, if you have experience with businesses like delis and supermarkets then this business will fit you perfectly. Buying a thumanns routes for sale is as similar as owning a board head brand, each has its customers, and some customers prefer thumanns over boars head. Thumanns does an excellent job in marketing and providing you with stickers and signs to give to your customers.

    Tropicana Routes:

    Tropicana is a famous beverage-producing company and it would have large customers and great sales as compared to other companies. So buying Tropicana routes for sale can be more profitable and there will be no issue with the customers as your customers are supermarkets, grocery stores, gas stations, and even big wholesalers like B.J.’S, your average order is $300 and up. So owning Tropicana routes can bring great profits and sales. Buying a Tropicana route for sale is the best investment you can do. All businesses have some type of risk associated with them, but the benefit of owning a Tropicana route is that it is very profitable. Tropicana routes come at a heavy price, from 200 thousand and up. concussion: when It comes to finding business ideas to start, you can always buy one ready or start one from scratch, above I listed popular brands like FedEx and Tropicana but that doesn’t mean you can’t start your very own brand.

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